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Jane Goodall’s research on primates and her commitment to environmental preservation helped make Mahale Mountains National Park famous. Most tourists are unaware of this region, which lies in Tanzania’s far west. This reserve is far away, difficult to reach (only by scheduled chartered aircraft), and expensive to visit. However, it is the only area in Tanzania that gives a singular and very distinctive experience, and it’s also arguably the finest place to see chimpanzees!

This lakeside is lined with the finest powder-white sand, and in the distance, towering mountains encircled by lush flora can be seen.

It is a stunning location that is home to the highest concentration of primates in Tanzania, including chimpanzees, blue, red-tailed, and vervet monkeys, yellow baboons, and red colobus monkeys.

This national park, which spans 1,650 km2 of the Mahale Mountains, is home to roughly 1,000 chimpanzees. Most notably, researchers have been able to acclimate the Mimikire clan of Mahale chimpanzees since 1965. All human guests on chimpanzee safaris are obliged to wear surgical masks, which will be given to you, for the benefit of the chimpanzees’ health.

The walk to the Mahale chimpanzees might take anything from 20 minutes of pleasant strolling to three hours of more challenging hiking. Mahale’s chimp safaris are at their most convenient at the end of the dry season (August to October), when the woodland paths are the driest and least slick and the chimps are typically closest to the coast. For safaris to visit the chimpanzees, walking boots, long pants, and a small bag (for cameras and binoculars) are always advised.


Park Size

1650 km2

Distance from Arusha

800 km

Air Transfer

6 hrs via Dar es Salaam

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