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The Ruaha River, which borders the park’s southeast corner, is whence Ruaha National Park gets its name. In the park, the river offers year-round water, and during the dry season, the animal population along its banks is amazing. Ruaha National Park is the second biggest National Park in Tanzania after Serengeti and is located approximately two to three hours’ drive from Iringa, a well-known town on the Dar es Salaam to Zambia route. The Greater and Lesser Kudu, roan, and sable antelopes, which are uncommon in most other game parks, particularly in Northern Tanzania, may be found in this untamed wilderness, which is rich in flora (approximately 1650 plant species) and wildlife. Elephant and buffalo herds may be found in large numbers at Ruaha National Park.

Numerous hippos and crocodiles find refuge in the Ruaha River, which is significant to the health of the park’s environment. The river draws large numbers of animals during the dry season, including lions, leopards, hunting or wild dogs, impalas, waterbucks, warthogs, giraffes, and elands. Ostriches, cheetahs, and Grants Gazelles may all be observed on the plains. With over 370 bird species reported, the park has a thriving bird population all year round. The dry season, from May to December, is the ideal time to see wildlife. Some paths become inaccessible from January to April because of the rain.

Park Size

12,950 km2

Distance from Arusha

503 km

Air Transfer

2 hrs 30 min via Dar es Salaam

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